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Wish to attend the CMA Music Festival came true!

Easton, 12
cardiac condition

Easton, a 12 year-old boy fighting a cardiac condition, experienced the "staycation" of his dreams last week. Easton lives in Middle Tennessee and is a giant country music fan. He even plays the guitar and drums to the beat of his favorite country songs. When the young country music enthusiast was asked what his ultimate wish was, no one was surprised that he wanted to stay in his home state and attend the CMA Music Festival. And thanks to Kretschmar Deli® and Make-A-Wish®, his wish came true. Easton and his family were treated to four days of fun in Nashville, including an all-star concert at LP Field and a private concert featuring the Kretschmar Future Legends of Country. During his special week in Nashville, he saw some of his favorite acts take the stage. Easton also attended a private show featuring Kretschmar's Future Legends of Country. The performance featured three up-and-coming musicians, Ruthie Collins, Cheryl LuQuire and Elizabeth Huett, playing for him at the Bell Tower. Kretschmar was thrilled to make Easton's legendary country wish possible.
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