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wish to learn how to make the perfect pizza in Italy came true!

Josh, 8
Diseases of the Nervous System

Eight year-old Joshua loves to cook. When asked what his one true heart-felt wish was Joshua asked for something that would allow him to step up his game in the kitchen- to learn how to make the perfect pizza at the source, Italy. Make-A-Wish Illinois teamed up with Kretschmar® to make this wish come true. Prior to Joshua’s wish being granted, Kretschmar, along with Master Chef Brian Beland, hosted a pizza cooking class for Joshua and dozens of his family and friends. With his own personalized chef hat and jacket, this was the perfect opportunity for Joshua to learn firsthand the basics of pizza making so that he could impress his fellow culinary chefs upon his arrival in Italy! The impact of a wish experience does not only span the life of the wish child, but also to all those who became involved and inspired along the way. Joshua’s strength and joy throughout his entire wish experience and his ongoing battle with a life-threatening disorder of his nervous system, truly showcases the power of a wish.
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